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An amazing collection of three incredibly hot farting videos! Sensual Naked Farts Look at my beautiful body. My curves, my big, full breasts, and my juicy, thick ass. I feel so sexy and sensual. Watch as I move my naked body. My ass is so full of gas. My farts are beautiful. I love knowing that you are watching me and listening to me as I fart. Look at my big butt as my farts burst out. I feel so sexy and beautiful. I love slowly moving my body and letting my gas flow out of my ass. You like it too. You like listening to my sensual farts. Farting In Clean White Panties! I'm full of the smelliest gas ever! I always have the worst gas! I don't know what is wrong with my ass but it smells so bad! I push out the smelliest farts! And they are so loud too! Sometimes they burst out of my asshole so fast that it hurts! I can't believe I have such powerful farts! Look at my sexy ass in these pretty white panties. I feel so virginal and pure when I wear full white panties. There's such a contrast from the white panties and the loud, raunchy farts exploding out of my asshole! It turns me on so much that I'm a filthy farting girl but I'm wearing such sweet, cute panties. Pink Panty Toots! Look at my pretty pink panties. There's so new and clean. But not for long! I've got horrible, smelly gas! I love dressing up in cute outfits and farting like crazy! Look at my big, cute ass as I push out some super stinky farts! I love how good it feels when that pressure explodes out of my asshole! It makes my pussy so wet to smell my stink! Let me fart for you in my pretty pink panties! Enjoy