Jessica Starling
Fetish Friday

Make Mommy Cum



American / PNW
6:40 min - Oct 20 - .MP4 - 1.08 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Baby, you know Mommy takes such good care of you. I feed you and change your diapers. I love you so much! But Mommy needs something from you. Mommy wants you to make her cum! Don't worry baby, I'll show you how. Do you see that baby? That's Mommy's clit. Mommy loves it when you suck on it and lick it. Do a good job baby and make Mommy cum! You want Mommy to feel good, don't you. You want to show Mommy how much you love her? So lick Mommy's clit! Oh yes baby you're doing so good! Now let Mommy show you something else. Do you see this hole, baby? That's Mommy's butthole. I know it's dirty and gross, but Mommy loves it when you lick it! Yes, baby, lick Mommy's ass! You're going to make Mommy cum! You're such a good baby! Such a good ass licking baby! I know how much you love me now, baby! Mommy loves you too! Enjoy