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As a sweet nun with a heart of gold, I've learned of your many sins - your attraction towards the deviant lifestyle of female domination, pornography. You are walking a dark path, and I have come to save your soul, to try to convince you to see the light. Yet your sins have attracted something beautifully dark, something powerful, something you have always been craving. In an instant, the poor sweet nun is overcome - possessed by an exquisite dark Goddess. Transformed into wicked temptation, I am here to show you the TRUE path. None of that pathetic goodness or boring contrition. No. I'm here to lead you down the path of pleasure and submission, of ecstasy and madness. I will take over your soul, control your thoughts, and leave you aching and overcome with bliss. I will possess your mind as surely as I have possessed the body of this poor nun. You're Mine now, pet. You summoned Me, and now there's no escape