Piggy in Pink Pizza Stuffing

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352 5.0
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kag715 Nov 23 2017
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There's nothing sexier than a sexy big girl looking into your eyes, eating a whole pizza and showing off that round belly for you to see.

Lightning Rod - Top reviewer Oct 8 2017
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So delicious in soooooooo many ways!!!

i ate so much today! just before i stuffed this whole pizza i filled up with a family size box of mac and cheese and a home made double cheeseburger. i still had room for more so i ordered a large double cheese pizza covered in toppings to fill me right up. and boy did it work! my belly gets so big and i burp loud through this video! i jiggle my belly and play with my belly button and stuff some more! i was huge by the end! tags: bell play fat belly feederism tight clothes TAGS: bbw, fat, feederism, fatbelly, big ass, blonde, big tits, fat belly, belly rolls, belly play. oil, bellybutton fetish, belly flop, fat rolls, belly jiggles. ssbbw