GFE Tight Jeans JOI / Riding / POV

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3,831 5.0
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tigerspider - Top reviewer Oct 7 2017
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This is the best video ever! Bailee's erotica is always amazing, but this girlfriend experience is off the charts. Bailee is my dream girl. I've stated that in previous reviews and shared that feeling with her in private notes many times. That means I find nobody more attractive and every single aspect about her physical aesthetic is as if I dreamt it or created it from my own vision of the perfect woman. Specifically I love her beautiful face, her stunning eyes, her marvelous hair and consider her unbelievable body to be peerless, incomparable, transcendent. It also means that she combines the most lovely spirit and amazing & genuine personality with the most beautiful face, hair and body and the most powerfully sensual sexiness for a tremendous trifecta of tantalizing gorgeousness. In this video she wears my favorite outfit: braless in a clinging white tank that reveals her beautiful freckled shoulders and showcases her impossibly perfect breasts, and tight blue jeans that flaunt the dreamy curves of her divine derriere. In this video she exudes electric sexuality and a compelling gift for 'girlfriend experience dirty talk'. The dialogue is spot on, the tone mesmerizing. The filming is gorgeous and the overhead 'POV' view of her riding doggy-style and the dynamic denouement are especially potently arousing. This video is astonishing in every way and the star is, to me, perfect. I am so grateful she has been a part of my life.

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Bailee is so hot, gorgeous! Just buy this vid, you won't regret. Have fun!

jarya5 - Top reviewer Mar 31
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Bailee gives the best GFE. Change my mind! lol This video has multiple things to love: 1) The fact that she's in those panties and jeans throughout I find incredibly hot. She states at the beginning that it's "my" favorite outfit and it's something special, so it also lends more to the GFE that she stays in it for "me". 2) That killer eye contact. I mean, really, how could you not love her for that alone! 3) The super sexy JOI she gives. She very obviously enjoys herself while giving it too, which I loved. It being unscripted just lends more to her being a master at GFE. 4) When she cums a second time and utters "that snuck up on me"

Knight_122 Nov 1 2017
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I am pretty sure this is the best JOI vid available, believe me when i say you can not find a single flaw in the full 23:40. the only problem i can see, is managing to last untill the end

Corlynn Oct 24 2017
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Imagine this: You're suddenly, and magically whisked away to a tropical island. The temperature is nice, the weather is always perfect, there's plenty to eat and drink. No responsibilities or worries. Just pure paradise.

And on this island, you have only a single porn video.
For the rest of your life.

This, is the video to pick.

It doesn't matter how many times you watch it. Whether you jump from place to place, or watch it in one long sitting, or run it on repeat over and over... It never stops being, simply perfect.

Bailee, is gorgeous. The dialogue is top notch. She's sexy, and playful, and teasing, and dirty, and oh so deliciously erotic.

I don't know how anyone could possibly regret picking up this video.

Jonb5150 Oct 12 2017
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Wow!! This video is so freaken hot!!!!!!! Bailee, you are so erotic with thes JOI videos!

You love having me encourage you to jerk off while I tease you with my body, which you’ve asked me to do right now. I’m happy to oblige, I’ve been horny all day, and even put on an outfit of mine that I know makes you tick, a white tank top and tight jeans, barefoot. I start telling you how I want you to touch yourself and you notice my nipples get hard underneath my shirt, which I take off in front of you while continuing my dirty talk. We end up getting a little carried away, perhaps my fault for wanting to suck your cock so badly- but you let me, briefly, before watching me finger myself on all fours. My jeans are pulled down so my ass pokes out from the top, panties to the side so my pussy peaks out, too. I can’t handle the teasing any longer and I beg you to fuck me. I talk dirty a bit more while you take me on my hands and knees, wiggling and gliding my cunt up and down your shaft. I cum hard and want just one more while laying on my back, so you can see my soft soles and toes curl and my legs quiver as I climax again. I ask for you to cum in my mouth and get on my knees, wrapping my lips around you and keeping my eye contact as I happily lick and swallow. ⚫️ SPECS: Solo, unscripted simulation video. Shot in all natural light so some light changes/ minor flickering occurs. The first ten minutes is JOI/JOE with tons of dirty dialogue, including stripping, a brief blowjob and fingering myself from behind with two fingers. From approximately 10:00-18:00, I fuck/ride an 8 inch dildo alternating between a full body [excluding feet] shot and an over-head [your POV] shot, with my first cum as a full body shot showing my facial expressions. 18:00-22:20 I lay on my back and side, topless and barefoot but with my jeans and panties still pulled down, fucking myself with the dildo until I cum for the second time. 22:20-23:40 I’m on my knees, looking up at you while stroking and sucking your dick, telling you how much I want you to cum for me while simulating swallowing/opening wide for you to cum on my face. Please note- There is no actual cum-shot/swallowing of cum/facial. This video is a solo simulation of that experience, so I ‘act out’ what would happen in this circumstance with a non-ejaculating dildo.