Gagging on Dick

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ShyGuy732 - Top reviewer Dec 29
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Let's see, what can we say to describe this vid? Yes, it's got lots of great gagging! Yes, there's enough drool and spit to fill a bucket! Yes, Luna is giving a virtual blowjob to James (and to the viewer by default)! But then there are the extras, she plays with her tits full of drool, shaking and slapping them and all the while she's telling James how much she likes it and she smiles and giggles along the way. She's so much fun to watch!

Somehow turned on by this review lmaooo

Luna starts off with a ring gag and quickly gets topless. She's already drooling a lot. She tries to say James' name (name used throughout) with the ring gag on and adorably fails. She fucks her mouth with a dildo with the ring gag on and lets the drool go over her huge tits. She fucks her face and then takes off the ring gag, absolutely soaked in spit. She tells James she wants him to fuck her face like this and shows him how with the dildo. She keeps gagging and drooling all over the dick while moaning and talking dirty