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Bad Baby Gets Diaper Full Of Piss



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Why are you such a bad baby!? Mommy has to teach you a lesson! You think I'm going to put you in a nice clean diaper, don't you!? Well, I've got news for you, baby! Bad babies do not get clean diapers. They get dirty, filthy, nasty piss soaked diapers! Mommy is goinag to piss into your nice, clean baby diaper. Then I'm going to make you wear it for hours and hours! You're going to smell so disgusting! But you have no choice. You are a stupid, helpless baby! Get ready for Mommy to piss right into your diaper! Watch the pee come out of me and into your diaper. Eww! It so gross, baby! That's what you get for being a bad baby! Mommy's going to diaper you up in a diaper full of Mommy's fresh, warm piss! Enjoy