28 Year Old Virgin

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Empress Mika

American / USA
231 5.0
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Flamingoro - Top reviewer Oct 27 2017
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You don't have to be a virgin to adore this clip. This is Princess at the top of Her game. Teasing, seductive, cruel, bratty, mischievous and dishing out vicious humiliation. This is what my best dreams are made out of.

DrWangFei - Top reviewer Oct 10 2017
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Princess Mika shows how absolute perfect she is in every single way!

28 years old and you are still a fucking virgin! LOL! Why you even bother trying anymore!? Seriously, do you still think you are ever going to get laid? I bet you are one of those guys who always thought that one summer you would magically meet someone who would like you enough to let you fuck her. But that never happened, did it? And, what is even better, is that all of your attempts at getting laid ended with you either being friend zoned or left alone to snooze on the floor. I'll remind you of various stories that happened throughout your life just to rub it in. Yes, you are going to be a virgin loser for the rest of your life! Become More Addicted: PraisePrincessMika.com Fetishes: Virgin Humiliation, Verbal Humiliation, Mental Domination, Lingerie, Bra & Panties, Thong, Humiliation, Financial Domination, FinDom, Money Fetish, Brat Girls, Cock Tease, Female Domination, FemDom, FemDom POV, Half Asian, Goddess Worship, Princess