BBW Confessions to My Toilet Slave



American / The Dirty South
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So My pet, I have a confession to make. I happen to LOVE watching two men fight. Two men going at each other…. complete primal instincts…. No thought in their head, but the fight! I realized that this turns Me on so bad. Panty dripping bad. In fact, what turns Me on even more…. is instigating the fight….. manipulating the men to get into the fight. Because I know that with one word, one look, one command, I can make them beat each other’s brains out. And they do it for no other reason but…. because I set them up to. It’s such a delightful feeling. It makes My pussy wet just thinking about the control. Kneel My pet, let Me tell you a story about the first fight I instigated. It’s a story about Steve & pathetic ass Dave. Pay attention to the story My pet. Listen to how I manipulate both men to get what I want. Dave really doesn’t turn out too well. Well, unless you enjoy having your balls beat with My steel tipped heels, & your teeth knocked out. Hahahaha. Pathetic. You better have paid attention to the story. You see, this story was a lesson to you. If you don’t do what I tell you to right NOW, I’ll have Steve do the same to YOU! Do you fucking understand? Good. Now, grab a glass and a paper towel. I have quite the dinner task for My toilet slave tonight. You are going to be taking nice huge bites of your filthy sh*t while gulping down chugs of your disgusting piss. Don’t worry, I’ll have no trouble humiliating your revolting ass along the way. You just make it so fucking easy. Lucky for you, you get to worship My ass in return. Thank Me freak