Taboo Seduction Mom Lingerie Impregnate

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You MILF of a step-mom comes into your room and is wearing a very conservative outfit. She tells you that since your father is away so much on travel that she has certain urges not being handled. That is where you come in. She calls your son since you are so close to her and she then starts a very taboo seduction of you. She strips out of her conservative clothes to reveal she is in sexy lingerie underneath, which includes stockings and a garter belt. She starts to give you some dirt talk and tempt and tease you with her sexy outfit then tells you to get naked for her. She continues on with some taboo posing and nasty talk that really gets you, and her, going. She then tells you to stroke your cock for her and as soon as you start she is unable to control her urges any longer. She tells you to come over to the bed and lay on your back. She then slides her tight cunt onto your throbbing cock and starts riding you in POV. Her big tits are now exposed and she is doing lots of self titty squeezing as she fucks you. After some more taboo riding, which has her lean back and get right close to your face, she is ready to cum on your cock. She has a huge orgasm and is surprised when you ask her to slow down. She wonders why and then finds out that you are going to cum and you don't want to cum inside her. But, this is just what she had planned all along. She wants to get pregnant and she wants you to be the one to knock her up. Knowing how good her tight pussy feels she starts to ride you harder and faster telling you to knock up your mother and fuck your seed into your mom. You can hold out no longer and let a huge cumshot loose deep inside her pussy. She continues to ride you fast and hard ensuring every last drop of your cum is in her pussy. She then tells you that she has lots more lingerie and that you two should do a lot more fucking to ensure she gets pregnant. She loves fucking her step-son and she wants nothing more than to have you continue to pump your hot seed deep inside her to knock her up. Included in this clip: Taboo, MILF, Step-Mom, Lingerie, Mom and Son Fantasy, Impregnation Fantasy, Stockings and Garter Belt, Big Tits, Titty Squeezing, POV, Riding, Fucking Mom, Fucking Step-Mom, Cum Inside Mom, Cum Inside Step-Mom, Impregnate, Knock Me Up