Dreams of Esmeralda


The Lust Garden

American / USA
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Esmeralda starts of by teasing us in her colorful romper. She pulls down her top, showing us her beautiful nipples while she licks her breasts. She strips out of her clothing slowly, flipping her hair and dancing with a sly and inviting grin. She lays down on the couch after a long show and begins touching her shaved vulva. While inserting her fingers, she tips her head back and lets her long dark hair fall around her. She then grabs a diamond encrusted vibrator and places it right inside the opening of her vagina. Rotating her hips, she shifts on the couch, making sure the vibration ripple up to her G-Spot. After her warm-up, she pulls the toy out and reaches for a dildo. With her round ass towards us, she spanks herself with the dildo, giggling until she slides it in. Her head falls against the couch as her body warms with the sensation of the cock. She licks her fingers of all her juice and fucks the toy, again on her back, until she comes quietly with it inside her. 21:19 HD