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Cheating On My Husband At Costume Party

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752 5.0
36:06 min - Oct 07 - .MP4 - 2.00 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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arrow2ken - Top reviewer Jun 1
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Marissa Sweet can be my superhero any day. The role play is great and when the costume comes off, the action begins. Over 35 minutes of video. This is more like a movie of pure sexually seduction. Very pleased with this purchase.

Love this, thank you so much for your review. :)

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Amazing doggy play and phone roleplay. Kinky and naughty. Moaning is amazing

Thank you so much for this review! :A

Marissa Sweet Oct 13 2017

Thank you! :x<3

This is a custom video and is tailored to the individual "Kyle". The script reads as followed: The Bat girl seduction Outfit: batgirl outfit with some black knee high or below knee high boots, hair down. Plot: your husband is Away on business and you go downtown on Halloween night with two of your girl friends. One is Harley Quinn super slutty and half her tits and ass hanging out. Other is posion ivy with same things. See through etc. you're the more good girl bat girl and conservative as you have a husband. Video starts off in the kitchen almost like a bar set up have some music on with the cam far enough to show off your full body and costume. But not too far. Video starts off with you dancing with your friends having a good time for a few mins and enjoying a drin*. Harley is my all time favorite so your friend attracts me over too you and I come and introduce my self and say hello. Hey I'm Kyle I say. I lay some sweet talk and game on you three but mostly focus on Harley. But I do look over and notice you standing against the bar with a drin* in your hand looking amazing in your tight outfit. You smile at me and introduce your self and tell me your name. I look you up and down and Harley says she has Togo to the bathroom. You tell your friends that you are going to stay here with kyle and keep him company. For a few mins move the cam so ya like a pov of me talking too you at the bar. It's a side view of your body. Prob from knees up to face. You sip a drin* and we make some light talk. You touch your body and place to adjust your tits and hair. Act normal but also be semi seductive. Make me wonder if the suit is just tight you have to adjust or if you are coming on to me. About 5 mins later your friends come back and notice your hand on my shoulder and we are close. They ask what you are doing and they say to me. She has a husband so this isn't going to happen. She was a total bitch. I start to walk away and you say wait Kyle come back. You follow me into the hall way. Have cam looking down hall way. You almost whisper and talk gentle but I can hear you still on cam. You stand i hall way and I'm the wall so you put a hand against wall and show off the side and curves of the suit to the cam. You say to me. She didn't mean it. She just broke up with her boyfriend. You tell me you are married but he isn't here and told me to go out and have a good time. You seduce me more and show off your body too me and your cape. You end up saying that we should head back to my place for a more private setting. Have the cam looking at the bed. You will be on the center of it so have it almost like cam at end of bed corner but enough where I can see the full bed but a good shot at you Scene starts off with you on edge of the bed taking off your boots and then crawling to the center of the bed and rolling around some showing off your body. You ask me what part I like the best your legs? Or ass? Stomach? Tits? Or cape? Be very seductive. You want my cock! You undo the cape and remove it. Then you tell me to come join you on the bed and to take off my pants. I do as you say and join you. You lay on bed touching your body in the latex suit. Sucking finger and teasing me. You start to take the top off. Once top is off play with nipples and pinch them. Play with your stomach. Then slowly take off pants roll over and have ass facing up and kick legs around. Spank ass and grab it. Tease. Then get in doggie and tell me to cum fuck you. You get out your dildo and very slowly slide it inside you doggie style and look back at cam saying how much bigger and harder I am too your husband. You say be gentle I don't want you to cum so fast. You push dildo all way in and moan load oh god fuck me Kyle. Hard I need this. Ass should be facing cam for this or a side of doggie to see face look back and side tits and ass. You go harder and deeper and dirty talk. I'm really giving it too you. You moan my name Kyle and dirty talk and grab tits and just can't believe how amazing my cock feels. You want my cum. You wan it inside you. You start to beg for it and phone rings. Your hubby is calling and you have to answer. You whisper. It's my husband. Don't stop but be gentle. Cum if you are going too. You answer phone hey baby etc and act normal but it's hard to not moan and I'm deep inside you. You look back and smile and lip omg. You talk to husband. You let out some moans here and there but tell him you're just playing with your self before he called cause you been so horny this last week. (You all normally play on phone and be naughty so he doesn't think of it) you talk normal but moan every once in a while. Tell him how day is and how Halloween party was etc. I go harder and deeper it feels so good. I'm about to cum and so I let you have it. And you can feel it fill you up. You moan loud and start to cum. You look back while on phone and say oh god baby that feels so fucking good. Oh fuck me! Your husband on phone says wtf is going on