Revenge of the Ex


Brie Taylor

American / North Carolina
33:28 min - Oct 07 - .MP4 - 1.21 GB


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Custom clip: Your ex-boyfriend comes over to your house. You tell him to get lost, but he has blackmail material on you. He tells you to strip to the waist (you're wearing jeans and heels) and give him a BJ (which you hate doing and never did while you were together) while he watches TV and drinks a beer. Afterwards, he tells you your house is a mess and makes you scrub the kitchen floor topless on your hands and knees. You tell him you are done, and he tells you to stand next to his chair with your hands on your head and your mouth open until his show is over (at least 5 minutes in this pose from different angles). He is very rude to you throughout, calling you cocksucker repeatedly. He makes you answer him with "Yes, sir." A few days later, you are resting in your pajamas when he knocks on the door. You answer the door sleepily. He tells you he wants another BJ, and this will be a regular thing from now on whenever he wants it. You strip to waist again and give him a BJ in the doorway