Away from Home JOI with Mom


Bettie Bondage

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You got an e-mail with a large attachment from your mom, subject line 'to help you rest.' She's so worried about you now that you're away from home at college, you can't imagine what it is. Probably some meditation video, you think as you press play. But it's your parents couch. You mother comes into frame, wearing the black silk robe you bought her for Christmas. It looks so sexy on her! You're glad your roommate is out of the dorm - you can't keep your eyes off her! She sits down and explains that you need help relaxing, and she's going to help. "You know those videos you like, the jerk off instruction ones?" she asks, "well, I'm going to make one. For you. I miss making you cum, sweetie..." You watch as she leans back, taking out a toy and talking about the first time between you two. You watch as she strokes and licks the toy, telling you to start stroking your cock along with her. She plunges the toy in and out of her pussy as she urges you to stroke faster, talking about how much she loves sucking your cock, how much she wants to feel you cum inside her. Her big heavy breasts out over the sheer pink tank top she wears, leaning back on the family couch as she begs for your cum