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Make no mistake: I always get what I want. Whatever it takes. -------------- This is a Custom Video! There is a sucker born every minute. Today Mandy (Sydney's alter ego) convinces loser boy to sign his life and belongings away to Mandy. In exchange he'll be able to have her, something he's been dreaming of all for a long time. Even though he's been saving to take care of his family, Mandy assures him that nothing will happen to his belongings until he dies. Which is a long time from now. Right? Right? Or is it? As soon as the loser signs, Mandy turns from a sweet seductress to a cruel executrix. Her partner in crime hands her a noose and loser man quickly gets overpowered with the noose. It's only a matter of time before he succumbs to evil Mandy. From strangling, Mandy goes to putting some really sharp hooks underneath her heels. She pretends to stab loser boy in the eyes until finally she actually does it. Shocked and in agony, loser gets kicked to the floor and has his neck crushed by Mandy's heels. Mandy always gets what she wants. More Money