She Hulk Part 2


Angela Salvagno

American / Florida
11:12 min - Oct 08 - .MP4 - 500.39 MB


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Jennifer Walters has transformed into She Hulk when she suddenly got angry from a package that has not showed up yet. In this package is a scientific formula that could change Jennifer back permanently if successful. Raged and Angered from the package so late, she wreaks havoc on the UPS man by throwing him and squeezing him with one arm. He taunts her with words which infuriates her anger and she unleashes it out by lifting him in the air and throwing him to the ground. Dazed and confused the UPS man tries to escape, but there is no escaping She Hulk,,she will not stop till he is lifeless. #transformation Fantasies, #lift and carry, #female Domination, #super heroines, #topless, #flexing, #car lifting, #most musculars