Blind Blonde Uses Feet to Feel UR Face

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A newly blind hot blonde sits down on a couch and thanks you for coming to see her. Though she has had a variety of blind dates in the past, this is her first since she actually lost her sight and she is hoping the two of you will hit it off. She talks about all the reasons she thinks she is fun to date and then asks is she can get to know you a bit better. To do this she feels your face as that is now how she allows herself to see things. She then tells you about what she thinks is one of her best attributes, her feet, and asks for an odd request. She wants to use her feet to feel your face as well. She gets right in your face and feels with her feet, then goes on to talk about them some more. She hopes this date will go well and she hopes that you will be okay with the fact that she has a foot fetish and that she is blind. Included in this clip: Foot Fetish, Blind, Blind Date, Blonde, Toenail Polish