Oiled Ass Jiggle Booty Clapping 2 Clench

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Brittany Lynn is a well known PAWG with a phat ass. She loves to move and jiggle her ass too and here she does just that. She starts by oiling up her ass after giving you a wink. She takes her time and makes sure that both her big ass cheeks get plenty of oil. She then starts to bounce up and down rapidly which causes some unreal booty clapping to accompany the sexy jiggle of her ass. The booty clapping is so loud that it sounds like someone clapping their hands. She keeps this up for awhile, but the jiggle fun is not over when she slows up on the booty clapping. The view then goes to just below her sweet ass looking slightly up and she does some clenching and releasing. She clenches her ass cheeks and holds it for several seconds, then releases which allows the weight of her ass to create even more ass jiggle. She keeps this up for a good while longer and proves once again that she is the jiggle queen and one heck of a hot PAWG. Included in this clip: Jiggle, Booty Clapping, PAWG, Ass, Oil, Oiled Up Ass, Big Tits, Phat Ass, Big Ass, Booty Shaking, Clenching Ass, Ass Jiggle, Jiggly Ass, Blondes, Brittany Lynn