Leave Your Wife For Your Stepdaughter



American / Las Vegas
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Your sexy stepdaughter Liv stops by to see you in your bedroom... she has a problem.. she wants to borrow Mommy's car so she and her cheerleader friends can drive to California and go to the beach, but Mommy said no. Liv tells you "we need to do something about Mommy... we need to get rid of her." She points out that she is younger and hotter than your wife. Liv tells you she has seen the way you look at her when she comes home from cheerleading practice. She knows you want her. She knows you have been lusting after her young sexy body. She shows you her body and your mind starts to melt.. you know you shouldnt be doing this, but your cock starts to take over your brain. You want your stepdaughter. You have always wanted your stepdaughter. She slowly strips out of her clothing. As her pert little latina nipples brush against your face she tells you that you are a good stepdaddy.. she turns around and puts her tight young ass in your face.. she orders you to bury your face in it. You know you shouldn't be obeying your stepdaughter but it feels so good to do everything she tells you! You eagerly lick your stepdaughter's asshole as you forget everything that was once important to you. She pulls off her shoes and tells you to smell them. As you inhale deeply from your stepdaughters worn dirty shoes, you know that you will never be the same. You belong to her now. As you lick her feet and then lick her pussy, she tells you all about how much hotter she is than Mommy and how you will leave your wife and become a slave to your stepdaughter. She tells you to take out your cock and jerk it for her and you obey like a good puppet... she makes you stick your nose in your ass as she counts down and you jerk off like a good daddy-slave. WOW THIS IS A HOT CLIP!!! Liv Revamped is the perfect brat