Hippie Beauty Face Fucked Balls Deep 69


Brock Doom

American / West Hollywood, CA
2:09 min - Oct 08 - .MOV - 1.33 GB
ARTISTIC HARDCORE! ROUGH FACE FUCKING! SPIT AND SNOT EVERYWHERE! HOT AS FUCK! This is literally one of the hottest videos I've done. It's on freakin' fire. It's just one short part of a much longer scene (which I will post in the coming months if not sooner). My incredibly awesome and beyond adorable girlfriend, Amara Romani, decided to do some meditating for a while. I wandered in from the scent of the burning incense, and before I knew it, I was fucking her mouth for 20 minutes. This is just 2 minutes of the scene, but it happens to be 2 of the very BEST minutes of the scene. Amara has head in just the right position for me to dunk my dick into her mouth. I fuck her face plenty, but she also does it herself plenty too. It's the best blowjob that the any sentient being in the universe could even imagine. Amara is a goddess! BUY THIS CLIP! IT'S THE BEST