Dirty Pink Cotton Thong w/Pocket Crotch



American / Kentucky
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This video was done for the buyer of my dirty worn hot pink thong, and is me modeling it in a pair of hot pink strappy stiletto heels and an open front sweater top with no bra! Super sexy, with lots of legs, ass and tits, and hot body to tease you~ and if you're into thongs, even better! The little studio I built for doing vids in, that we're working on, has a metal roof and it wasn't insulated yet at the time and there was a torrential downpour that afternoon during my vid shoots. And you can hear the rain in the background, louder than I thought because of the super sensitive microphone on this camera! So I apologize for that background noise during some of it. 1440 x 1080p /HD Check out my other videos and contact me for custom requests! kinkyexecutive@outlook.com Follow @ kinkyexecutive and ItsMyURLs.com/kinkyexecutive keywords: thongs, sexy panties, dirty thong, thong modeling, thong fetish, pink thong, panty fetish, high heels, MILF, legs, ass, big tits, huge tits, big boobs, huge boobs, big titties, huge titties, thong tease, thong slave, thong addiction, thong wearing, cougar, Mistress Lin, Linzy Vellas, Linz Vellas, hot video, tease video, naked, nude