Mean Girl Makes you Cry


Miss Bellerose

American / United States
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quot;Hi Goddess. I was hoping you might do a custom along these lines: you know how lonely and sad I am. Of course, I could buy GFE clips where girls pretend to care about me and show me affection.But instead I buy clips of mean girls who make it hurt worse. You tease me with the body I'll never touch, the hand I'll never hold, the lips I'll never kiss. You want it to hurt as much as possible. You want me to fetishize the pain and jerk to it. You want me to cry. You want me to feel like kiIIing myself to make the pain stop. Maybe you'll let me. But even that might be too good for me. I probably deserve to just keep suffering, keep jerking, keep hurting, like the pathetic, scrawny little loser that I am.&quot
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