Extreme Chastity Edging Game


Miss Bellerose

American / United States
15:10 min - Oct 08 - .MP4 - 880.75 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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your ass legs and feet in sheer pantyhose looks even sexier.. pure addiction

You are instructed to remove your chastity device and edge on and off for 15 minutes. You are to watch this clip every day. If you feel the need to stop before reaching the end, you owe a tribute. Should you fail to watch at all, a more substantial tribute as consequence will be necessary. Cumming will result in something even more severe, of course, as that sets back the ultimate goal: to turn your cock into a Torment device. To make every stroke feel like the lash of the whip. To bring you to the point where you dread pulling it out, and are begging for stimulation to stop. That said, you do have the ability to make it stop for a large fee :) I may take pleasure in making other men cum, but not you. No, if your dick is to mean anything to Me at all, it’s as a money-maker first of course, and perhaps I might find some enjoyment in your suffering. Your aching. Your discomfort, and, ultimately, cutting you off from that final moment of release. I want that fire to rage inside of you, I want to fan the flames and then turn the key on your chastity device without letting you put that inferno out
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