Showering With Delphoxi

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American / Kalos
214 5.0
20:58 min - Oct 08 - .MP4 - 499.00 MB


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Heero_G - Top reviewer Nov 9
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I love shower videos, because there's something in seeing water falling over a woman's body that is super arousing! This one from Foxi is amazing! Loved to see her caressing her own body and touchin herself as the water showers her curves.Her naughty expressions are something else, very hot!
After seeing her showering, the one needing a shower is me :)

MoparLover - Top reviewer Oct 8
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Such A Hot Vid. Loved Every Minute Of It. This One Is Super Hot. Def Add This Vid To Your Viewing Collection!!!!

I tease you in my full back Pokemon panties as I turn on the water to my shower. I get the temperature just right, slide my panties down slowly and hop into the warming flowing water. I let the water run over me, soaking myself and teasing you as you want the water french my pigtails! I soap myself up and rub my tits, ass, and pussy while I smile and giggle! Don't you want to join me? I wash my body and rinse the soap from myself. It falls off my skin and exposes me once again. My body glistens from the water dripping upon it. I bend over and show off my ass for you! I spread my cheeks and pee while I rub my pussy