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Snapchat Memories 2017

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American / Las Vegas
976 5.0
22:38 min - Oct 08 - .MOV - 1.65 GB


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Wow! Ok guys the price might seem kind of hefty, but what you're getting here is basically a membership to Indi's Snapchat with both recording and retroactive benefits. If you're already a member of her snap and really wanted to have a vid she posted a few days ago, it's going to end up here. This vid is just going to keep getting bigger. And if you've missed everything up to this point then you'll get caught right up. This is also a great option to get content from her snap if you don't necessarily like the Snapchat app or want to use it. And her snap vids are super high quality too. There's a lot of great stuff here, ranging from super sexy to a little goofy at times, you're going to see her personality shine. This snap will satisfy your needs and put a smile on your face for sure!

A compilation of the video clips I've added to my Snapchat story so far in 2017! Does not include snaps sent privately. Video only, no photos. If you want to be added to my premium Snapchat, You can get access in the store! Video updated to include new items monthly