Two girls wedgie war, I submit to her



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I swear it just started as a game... She had come home that night to spend some girlie time together, eat some junk food for dinner and watch a terror movie as we usually do many weekends. That day I had the blues and I just wanted to have some company to talk with and clear my mind. Then she proposed me to play something funny, she called it "a wedgie war". I didn´t know what it meant, I had never heard of "wedgies", she told me she had to grab my thong and pull it up hard, I had to put up resistance and avoid it by all means possible. The one who lost the war would pay the dinner. I swear it just started as a game... ... but that night... that night she took advantage of my weakness to attack me. At first, it was just fun time for both of us, but she soon started pushing me hard against the table, I thought it was a joke but then she managed to grab my thong, pulled it up hard time and time again while I was complaining and yelling. She didn´t stop. I could not understand it. That was crazy, she seemed to like my pain shouts and then she told me I was her fucking bitch. That was not a game anymore. It hurted so much, my asshole and my pussy were already sore and I actually didn´t mind to pay the dinner! She even blocked my leg to throw me on the floor and grab my thong, that was too much. But she wanted more. She only wished to keep up submitting me. And here comes what I must confess: yeah, I liked that war. I liked what I felt that night. I don´t know how and why, but being such a weak prey under her control was fucking exciting to me. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you always wonder what the fuck we girls do in those "girl pijama nights". HIGHLIGHTED: my fuchsia thong ended up torn and my back... can you guess? INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW