Domination and Scent Play custom

101 5.0


101 5.0
5:34 min - Oct 08 - .MP4 - 877.54 MB


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JohnDoeDong - Top reviewer Oct 31 2017
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Great as a domme too

5 min clip idea Would love to see You in the black and white stockings and black boots from Your Sept 21 pic on Twitter w/dark accessories/jewelry. i want You to look as intimidating as possible because i want to fear You. Please use my name Jared throughout the clip. i want the video to be like im showing up to meet You & You know everything about me. You tell me how You want to fuck my life up and make me a complete fuckboy for You. You start showing off Your curves as You tell me Your plans for me - please get as graphic as You want w/everything...i love dirty talk and ass and boot worship. i love scent play...You demanding me to inhale & worship Your body. If You need any info about me, just let me know...i really want a deep mindfuck w/this Then at the end, i want You to explain that You don't care about my money but You want to totally corrupt me and make me completely addicted to You. You tell me that if i do not follow through w/Your "rite of passage" that You will smoosh my face w/Your powerful thighs and ass. You then take off Your boot and demand that i inhale the inside of Your boot and forever my life will change. You can get as religious as You desire w/this theme. Finally, i would love to see You laughing and telling me that i am in my rightful place and that You love Your new fuckboy