Worshipping Linda's Lovely Feet

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Is it food porn, or foot porn? The answer is - yes! I hookup with sexy Spanish camgirl and pornstar Linda del Sol and offer her one of Spain's best-loved ice creams, which shaped like a little pink foot. She slowly savors my treat as she strokes her own cute little feet for the camera. Watching the cream dribble down her chin is more than I can take, so before you can say '"footatio" I'm face-fucking her tasty tootsies, sucking on her big toes and gently running my tongue between her digits, before deepthroating each of her feet, taking them as far into my mouth as I can. As an added bonus, this vid has no dialogue, just a banging soundtrack like you remember from cheesy, I mean classic, porn VHS tapes of the '80s and 90s. Download it, let your fingers do the walking and, yes, take a load off