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Trailer Trash 2 more trailer more trash

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608 5.0
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AndrewCW - Top reviewer Jun 3
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Pretty hot funny and hot XD

lance2000 Oct 8 2017
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its truly uncanny how you both are Spot On with your authentic american accent!!!
Pure Americana!! Feels like home!
that is likely the worlds most Glorious mullet
but, dem titties…..
Daddy is a truly grotesque creature….Wonderful
Baby Girl is such an innocent young thing….
hahahahahaha…..she don’t got my respect…..i don’t respect that bitch!! I couldn’t have said it better.
oh yeah…you bet your baby jesus I got you a birthday present (pervy)
that burp was amazing and you both laughing at it was obviously spontaneous….fucking love it
hot dogs and “cheese n noodles” was a staple when I was growing up, LOLOLOLOLO
….the FUCKING irish!!!
as much as Daddy eats….he must shit a LOT
god damn that “birthday cake” must have been delicious….or you’re both the worlds best actors.
hahahahahahaha….the initial reaction to the birthday gift
ummm…..hmm! :|
Ok….I really loved the first Trailer Trash video but this one is absolutely a step up…the dialogue and scene development is at a completely new level!!!
oh yeah….you’ll definitely get that “big” promotion. no doubt about it
holy spitballs….this trailer is like a ..a…TRANSFORMER!!
ummm…i beg to differ. that outfit is suitable for anything and everywhere!!
and i quote, “I like birthday sex, Daddy” The line which defines this video!!
knock, knock, knock…..
then ensues a sexual encounter in every possible position!!! Daddy likes!
….and who doesn’t like “second dessert”???

In the sequel to the VERY popular taboo trailer trash video, we revisit daddy and his baby girl after the divorce. Momma is gone and she's not coming back! Longer, raunchier, more humour, and daddy brutally fucking his daughter in the ass and giving her an anal creampie