Premature Ejaculator

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Lacy Luck

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195 5.0
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FrenchLickIndiana - Top reviewer Feb 9
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I was a big fan of another Lacy humiliation video. a Fab fiery domme, & gorgeous woman taking no dribbling-pants wanker mess

Look at this sexy little French Maid costume I'm wearing. I thought, since this is our first time to finally go all the way I'd make it special and fun. Don't I look hot? You love my big, pushed-up breasts, short skirt and thigh high stockings? My, you sure are excited! Wait, OMG did you cum already? Wow, you already made a puddle in your pants. I can't believe it! I was expecting a hot night of sex and you couldn't last 10 seconds! Ugh! Your ex girlfriend told me about your little problem, and I couldn't believe it. How can a grown man not be able to last 10 seconds! That's like some pathetic pubescent boy who's never seen tits before! What's wrong with you? Are you a virgin or something? My goodness what a loser! I hadn't even taken off my outfit yet. Guess you'll never see! Loser