Clear Heels And Latex Custom


Idelsy Love

American / Las Vegas, NV
8:38 min - Oct 08 - .MP4 - 316.85 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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quot;Your clear heels, made even dirtier (maybe worn in a sauna, or out in sun? just ideas), a short 5- 8 min video of you wearing them in a sexy latex outfit, you pick the outfit, but know I love black, and I love transparent latex stockings, I love your zombie eyes, and I love black or white nail polish most. The talking of the video is up to you, but I like the idea of having you say things like, "you want these dirty heels don't you"? "I have worn these to clubs, to dark dungeons, to sex clubs, during sex, so many times, so many men have fucked me in these heels, you like that don't you"? "You like that I have fucked so many men and many of them have cummed on these heels and pretty feet of mine don't you"?. " I want you to smell these heels, to lick every inch of these heels clean, while thinking about what a slut I am". You get the idea, I don't want to write it for you, but something along those lines I like a lot of those statements.&quot