Demon Seed

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Bettie Bondage

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918 3.0
13:37 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 1.01 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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ReignOfSuperman - Top reviewer Nov 19 2017
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big fan of bettie, and i love Succubus role play. the hottest really. but this doesn't add up to BETTIEs full potential , but she gives it her all. Cum shots are are there and nice little her fucking the dick for a cream pie. but maybe if the vid was longer and the cum shots were more heavier with cum and shot better, could've been hotter.
good effort by Bettie, gotta give her that. just not Great. no offense to her, luckily she makes up for it with making LOTS OF OTHER VIDS. too many mom vids for my taste, but i'm a loyal fan from her tonguefetish days. Definitely Do a Succubus vid again Bettie, more fucking, and more Horny, and more Cum. Less dirt, and less plot. I know i sound like a porn producer, but you're too damn sexy for plot mi' lady i'm sorry.
5 out of 10 for effort, 2 thumbs up for overall arousal factor as always and presentation.

You've decided to go see a professional witch, to help you be more desirable to women - a bigger cock, more handsome, more raw sexual magnetism, whatever. She's a little bitchy, but you figure it's worth it if you can get what you want. When she finishes her potion, you slurp it down quickly...but soon discover that things may not have been what they seem...your vision blurs, and the witch before you seems...changed...a horned satyr, a dark figure...then back to try and get your bearings but its no use. The witch has transformed into a cum-hungry succubus, laughing as she explains how she's made you irresistible alright...and right now, she can't resist draining your balls of all your cum! She strokes and sucks and fucks you into three consecutive orgasms, draining you completely until she's finally sated...for now