Freebie Tuesday

Your Slutty Stepmother Swallows

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11,337 5.0
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Love it! Xev is just so good with these confessing storylines....I'm hot just listening to her giving descriptions of what she's done or been doing.
I could watch this type of subject all night long.

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Absolutely amazing. Xev is acting so great again. The mixture of slut and confession and take care of the step son to keep him silent and to satisfy herself is fantastic. This showing a character and playing is a special skill of Xev. More of this please. Xev: do you have more to confess? We can’t await it.

1080p) You caught your stepmother sneaking into the bedroom late at night. Her tight work skirt was hitched up around her big ass and her cleavage was bulging out of her silky blouse. Not at all her usual work attire, at least when your dad was around. What had she been up to...What was it about tonight... about her. Trying so hard to hide something that she did at the business meeting. Then you saw it. Cum on her face, and on her blouse. She had done dirty things tonight, all with the excuse of closing an important business deal with her clients. But you knew better. Your stepmother was a huge slut... How many men did she she taste, how much cum did she swallow? Oh, she absolutely LOVED it, a fact she was desperate to keep a secret from your dad. What wouldn't she do... for you? There was only one way to find out, but you knew once she saw your cock, there was no stopping the slut from sucking you dry. Fantasy includes: blow job, cum in mouth, dirty talk, cumslut, confessions, blackmail, milf, pov
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