Overeating chips, Coke & assorted burps



Spanish / Spain
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Junk food is cool! Colestherol runs through my veins as it pleases, but we only live once, right?! I love eating all kind of chips, any taste, any shape. A diet Coke, chips and sweets mean weekend to me. Today I will display all my burping variety enchantment while eating a bag of chips and drinking a Diet Coke like crazy. Yes, that means without stopping. That means facestuffing and releasing all my gases from this overeating session straight to your face, as you always like. My busy mouth and throat won´t give you a single breath. Dozens of my amazing burps will show you why I am Thunder Angie: horse sounds belches, vibrating burps, belches with my hand over my mouth, burps with my mouth closed and my chubby cheeks, strong burps with my open mouth... enjoy all of them together with my funny facial expressions and listen how I excuse myself in my romantic French. You will forgive my gross manners for sure if I ask you to in my love language, wont you? :-P It is all about my mouth and my beautiful red lips drinking, eating and burping for your pleasure. Let my thunderous belches blow your fantasies and your cock. You never know which burp will be next... but what is sure is they all smell like Heaven! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: any excuse is perfect for enjoying Angie´s gassy mouth, outside and inside. HIGHLIGHTED: so many assorted burps with all Angie´s savour from an irresistible close-up angle. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW