Richard Fucks Annie in Her Dorm 6



American / Los Angeles, CA
23:41 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 1.52 GB


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Welcome to the Richard Sutherland Sex Chronicles. This session starts off with the sexy Annie Arbor dressed in pink on the bed rubbing her giant breasts and twerking her apple bottom for the camera. Richard walks over in his purple boxers. His cock is already hard. He removes Annie's panties and starts eating her pussy. They kiss and then Annie bends over to start sucking and swallowing his monster cock. She sucks, strokes, and deepthroats it with vigor like it's the giver of life itself....well technically it is since it shoots sperm and sperm is what aids in reproduction. I digress. Where was I? Oh snap. He's already got her on her back and he's fucking her face some. Cut to Annie and Richard kissing while he rubs her sexy pink pussy. Her giant breasts are out and she's sucking his cock. Richard slides his stick into her pussy and starts fucking her hard and deep side angle missionary. The whole bed is shaking and Anne is grabbing her giant tits while she gets pounded away. Richard's muscles are flexing and his face is flush red as he's fucking her good and hard. Annie's ankles are around his neck. She's playing with Richard's nipples while he plows her pussy. Richard is a jackhammer Beast! Annie's sexy legs are wide open as she takes his cock. They then switch to doggystyle ass to camera. Richard pushes Annie down so she's lying flat on her stomach. He plows her pussy deep while he presses on her shoulders. Then he lies on his back while Annie sucks on his big, hard cock. He's rubbing on his nipples while she siphons his dick with her mouth. She then gets on his cock and rides him. She's sucking on his nipples while he pounds her hard upwards. She sits up and her breasts are flopping up and down. These giant melons while he fucks her. He can feel himself about to cum so starts to suck him. She wants his load so bad. He's not done yet. He makes her get on her back and start plowing her super fast and hard missionary like a machine until he pulls out and cums all over her face. Wooh! Someone pass me a glass of water! That was super hot