Yoga With Bliss Dulce & Anabelle Pync

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Bliss Dulce and I guide you through a yoga routine that feels so good and looks sexy! My voice is soothing as we breathe through the routine and stretch our nimble bodies. <BR><BR> The downward dog is so erotic as our legs lengthen and our asses go high in the air. A tiny piece of fabric barely covers our pussy as we bend and tease you. Bliss wears a thong leotard and I wear a sports bra and g string that allows maximum flexibility. <BR><BR> The plank and cobra show off our butts before we prostrate ourselves. I push on Bliss's back to make the stretch more intense. We kick out legs in the air and they go for miles. <BR><BR> We hope that you had lots of deep breaths while watching us! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- exercise, stretching, yoga fetish, flexibility, exercise clothes, spandex, thongs, ass fetish, Dulce Bliss, brunettes, barefoot, barefeet, Annabelle Pync, all natural, @AnabellePync