Rosa Breaks For Dinner So She Can Sniff

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Rosa Breaks For Dinner So She Can Sniff Her Nylons And Her Creamy Wet Panties Do to the end of the financial fiscal year Rosa had to work for 18-hours straight so you can imagine the smell of her sweaty feet and her creamy wet panties. Rosa takes her shoes off; you can see the runs in her stocking and the sweat between her toes. She smells her shoes the smell is so stinky, she pulls off her nylons and inhales them as she rubs and fingers her pussy. Then Rosa pulls her panties off. You can see the creamy mess. Rosa licks and then holds her smelly nylons and her dirty panties up to her nose and fingers herself to an explosive orgasm. Category: PANTY FETISH Related Categories: FOOT FETISH, PANTY WETTING, MATURE, PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS, GRANNIES smelly-panties, crusty-panties, boobs, horny, usedpanties, milf, smelly, closeup, panties, dirty-panties, kookoo4panties, asshole, sniffing, wet