Freebie Tuesday

Hairy Bush Finger Cum / All Natural

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1,269 5.0
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tigerspider - Top reviewer Oct 13 2017
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Bailee is natural beauty defined; gorgeous girl-next-door perfection; a vision that caresses heart and soul. This vid distills Bailee’s glorious sensuality to its essence as she lays fingering herself with her sensational sinuous sexy curves wriggling to powerful and exciting effect. I love her full coppery red bush and the pleasure she exudes as she explores the wetness it surrounds. From her marvelous and expressive face and the sounds emanating from her sexy mouth to her sleek, slender and sublime body and absolutely amazing breasts, Bailee is stunning and this performance is hot as fuck!!!

jarya5 - Top reviewer Nov 5 2017
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Love Bailee and this video is great! Love that she does the two-shot here of the closeup and the full shot. She's so beautiful in it and love her hairy pussy!

A really simple, intimate video set in natural light. Laying on my back, I run my fingers though my bush and spread my pussy slowly before I finger myself with one, then two fingers, licking and sucking them every so often. This video is gentle and natural, with heavy breathing, panting and little whimpers as I writhe around and get closer to cumming. Alternates between two shots including a close-up. The framing is a little off on the full shot, although there is eye contact, there are times they're out of frame when I lean back