son fist & fuk mom backyard impregnation

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591 5.0
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BabaLoo78 Jan 10 2018
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I am waiting in the backyard for my son to come home. He knows it is his father's day off and he always spends it drinking with his buddy. That used to piss me off. Now I look forward to it. Little does he know the fun I have begun to have with my son who has a cock SO much bigger than his father's. I am not sure where he got that from but I am sure not going to waste the time that I have to spend with him. I like the risk of being in the backyard. Feeling the wind on my hard nipples. I tell my son to lick and tease my big sex tits and he knows I just cannot wait to have his big cock. He loves what a size queen I am and decides to prepare my pussy for his huge cock by fisting me. We were so excited to be with each other I did not even care or think about a condom and by the time I think about that I do not want him to stop. I tell him to cum in my pussy and give mommy a baby. I start to get pretty loud.... Moaning and loving it.... I do not even realize my neighbor actually did come home. I have an amazing orgasm on my son's cock and go into the house and when I go back out to grab the stuff we left outside I actually see there is a ladder really close to the fence in an obvious spot that someone must have been on to peek over the fence and I realize that my neighbor must have been watching me record this video. I was so nervous I just grabbed up the camera and dildo and kicked myself later for not recording a peek of that ladder where he was obviously being a peeping tom