Two Pairs of Well Worn Stiletto Heels



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This video is FREE for you to enjoy!! Please watch and leave a review or <3 for My sexy heels!!! One of My foot bois and biggest fans has purchased from Me two of My most well loved stiletto heels~ one pair of very old glittered platform booties that I have had for about 15 years, and a pair of My patent leather stiletto pumps. These two pairs of heels have been wrapped around My sweaty perfect feet for years and have had My addictive provocative scent embedded into them, and in this video, I wear them both for the last time, for My buyer, modeling them, teasing in them, and allowing him to worship them while on My gorgeous feet. YOU can watch and worship along with My buyer!!! Like worn heels?? Or have an idea for a custom video? write me: Follow on twitter: @kinkyexecutive Like My videos, leave reviews or just heart my profile and I'll send you free pics!!! Send me your email xoxo Kewords: sexy heels, stiletto heels, black heels, black pumps, stiletto pumps, stinky heels, stinky pumps, well worn shoes, well worn heels, patent leather heels, scented heels, high heels, goddess worship, high heel worship, silk top, silk slip, slip fetish, heels fetish, foot fetish