Orange County Cocksucker Swallows Load


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
10:37 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 118.09 MB - 640x480


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Orange County Cocksucker Swallows Load I met Kylee when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. She wore a belt buckle that read "Obey." I like her already! Tattoo on her left bicep of two pistols, "guns on her guns." Tattoos of stars on her wrists. Orange County girl. Kylee loves the power and strength of guns. Tramp stamp of an arrow pointing to her ass crack. Her mother told her not to get a tattoo, so she got the biggest one she could get when she was 18. Tattoo of "Faith" on the back of her neck. It reads the same upside down. She got it to help her beat cocaine addiction. She snorted it, smoked it, and shot it. Over it now and booze is her vice. Kylee has an addictive personality. Some of the best sex of her life was while high on coke. Peels down jeans. Teal and black polka dot panties. Bubble butt. Two handed ass spread to model her shaved pussy and asshole. No current boyfriend. Other jobs include being a preschool teacher in Huntington Beach. Got into the business after attending Adultcon in Los Angeles and being recruited. Shot the next day. I ask about past troubles with the law. An undercover police officer arrested her at Lake Havasu for drinking when she was 19. Other messed up situations involving being stopped with a shotgun in a car where the driver was on probation. She is used to getting guys in trouble. Cock worship commences. Excellent knob bobbing. Kylee impales herself but thinks deepthroating could be a challenge for her. No hands sucking. She stretches her own cheek with my dick and tells me she likes to swallow. She gives corkscrew twists to my head before giving me a foot job. She makes it "nice and tight, just like my little tight pussy." The mouth goes back to work. Begs for cum. Licks my balls. HUGE load dumped onto her tongue. "Mmmm....that was delicious! I'll come over here and suck that big hard cock anytime!" She licks her fingers and flexes her bicep again. Winning