The terrifying trio vs Mr Babydick


Ava Black

British / UK
18:24 min - Oct 09 - .WMV - 337.87 MB


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Includes - small penis humiliation - extreme Domination - penis size comparison - verbal humiliation - slave training Miss Kitty Bliss and Mistress Ava Black are fucking around with their babydick loser slave! He had been talking himself up like he had a pair. So they decided to call Master home early so he could fuck around with the slave too. Now the worthless slave is quivering away on the floor desperate to leave. But there will be no leaving for Mr Micropenis! The terrifying trio are in town! And all babydick's should beware! Because they will get trampled by Master's size 12 shoes, and squished by Mistresses' shoes and hands. Then the slave is made to jerk off. As if that would make a difference at that size hahahah Such a loser