Auntie Tells You Secrets

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Now that your mom isn't home i think it's the right time for us, aunt and nephew to have a serious discussion. It may be awkward at first, but you will become more confident and comfortable with yourself once we get this over with. I know your mom is very prudish and she will not discuss these things with you, and, you see, somebody has to do it, otherwise you will have sex with a girl and you will have no idea what to do and you will cum in like three minutes flat! Yo need some "stamina training" or you'll have a lot of problems further in life, the kind of problems you can avoid if you know the basics. I know it's a little Taboo for you to receive Jerk Off Instructions from your own aunt but you need to know how this "thing" needs to be done. So we'll engage in a bit of role play, you will consider that I'm not your aunt right now and follow my Masturbation Instructions step by step, because I'll guide you like a guard guides a blind man. Don't worry, I won't get too theoretical, I'll include even dirty talk but also a lot of explanation because you really need to know these things! Unfortunately internet is down right now, I'd wanted to show you some good porn, but you're a straight male and I'm an experienced woman so we'll work with what you have! I'll show you my intimate parts in order to make you horny, well a little striptease didn't hurt anybody and at least, you're not related to my big boobs with hard nipples, even if I'm your aunt. I know you like my type of woman with long hair and big boobs, you'll even see my spread legs and pussy, so there's nothing to complain about. We'll masturbate together, but wait, it's not as simple as it seems because I have some challenges for you: I'll do a cum countdown and I want you to cum when I instruct you to, not too quickly like an ordinary adolescent, I want to make a real man out of you