Transparent Smoking

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I am a heavy smoker, I smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and, sometimes, even cigars! I love the sensation of having smoke in my mouth, how it slides smoothly into my lungs and then out, through my mouth again or nostrils. I smoke Marlboro, for me these are the best cigarettes, and I love the cork filter, it's more "raw" than other kinds of filters, I mean it lets more all the smoke in. I am silent, you'll probably only hear me inhaling the smoke and exhaling it, like I already said, through my mouth or nose. I wear a transparent dress which allows you to see my Big Tits from time to time, and I am smoking out of passion, I don't even think about quitting, smoking is like and life is smoke! I smoke it rather quickly, I was craving for a cigarette and now I have it - it tasted like chocolate after an entire hour of non-smoking. Even better, I might say, it tasted like the nectar the gods