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Nerdy Girl Destroys You

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I may just be the hot nerdy next door but I got news for you, dude. There’s no way in hell you will ever get close to me with a dick as sad and wimpy as yours. How the fuck do you even jerk off that thing? I bet you just rub it like a swollen clit, because that’s what your microdick looks like to oversized, swollen clit. Hell, even your balls look like tiny little pebbles and they’re bigger than your penis! You’re disgusting and sad and pathetic and you’re destined to die alone. There isn’t a woman in the world who’d enjoy your ugly dick so the only chance of you ever finding a woman is if you’re loaded and can buy her attention. Even then, she’ll more than likely cheat on you, because who’d want to live the rest of their lives attempting to fuck a cock as disgusting as yours? Enjoy your celibacy, loser! What’s it like to know you’ll be forever alone