The Performance Review

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You’ve been struggling at work lately and it’s time I step in and do something about it. I’ve tried this technique on multiple male employees over the years and I guarantee it’ll improve your mood and elevate your productivity. What I need you to do is take out your cock and get it nice and hard for me. Don’t worry, I won’t fire you...this is for your own good. Okay, now that you're good and horny and stroking your dick, I want you to taste that pre-cum that’s dripping off the head of your cock. Doesn’t taste too bad now, does it? Keep stroking and when you cum, I need you to catch it in your hand. If you lose a single drop, I’ll sit here and wait as you start over from scratch. Now taste your cum for me. Rub a little bit on your tongue and taste its salty goodness. Now lick it, lap it up like a sweet, innocent kitten. Taste that goopy, yummy, goo slide down your throat and taste its saltiness as you inhale it. Feel better? Of course you do. Now get your ass back to work and if I have to pull you in here again, you’ll be in for an even bigger treat