Classes Were Cancelled

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Oh, no! Daddy found out again that I skipped the afternoon classes! I tried to fool him, to tell him that the classes were canceled, but you know that saying: He simply did not buy my bullshit again! My misfortune was that he spotted me on the street and dragged me home, requesting an explanation. I tried to convince him that there was a meeting at the school, new teachers from abroad came, a festivity for them was the reason we students were told to go home, but he insisted to call my mother. She is a good friend with every goddamn teacher at the school and she surely knows that I told a huge bunch of lies. So I had to do something about it, I didn't want to be punished, Daddy really knows what hurts me the most: no internet for a month, not allowing me to go out with my friends and things like these. I reached down in his pants for his cock and started working on it to get it hard while he was talking to my mother. He changed his mind really quick, by not telling her exactly that I skipped school (again!). I guess she is a complete potato in bed if my Daddy craves so much for sexual attention. I rubbed it a bit then put it into my mouth and started to suck his big cock. He was content, dominating me (I love it) and pushing my head into his cock making me to DeepThroat it again and again. I do not mind, I love to be used by Daddy! Also, I like very much to offer pleasure by putting my naughty mouth at work, it's ten times better than participating to some boring afternoon classes. Well, to tell you a secret, I spend a lot of the time when I was supposed to be in the classroom, in the school bathroom sucking boy's cocks, but Daddy doesn't know this and that's better for both of us. I ask myself sometimes, though, how come he doesn't ask where I gained so much experience. I don't like to brag, but I kinda have some developed skills and techniques for sucking cock :)) He fucked me DoggyStyle, I just adore that big cock that slides into my tight cunt and makes me moan and cry for more. I am sure he liked it also, even though he plays the "tough guy" card and acts like he is using me without my permission, or as a punishment. Sex with him is never a punishment, it's rather something taboo that many girls dream to achieve! Daddy declared that he wants to cum "all over me" so I jerked faster and faster his cock while looking innocently and yet perverted into his eyes, smiling. He had a big load, it really went all over me, from my belly to my hair. I will skip school more often only to get sexual with my Daddy again