Regarding Your Condition

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Son... we've got to talk about this! You've got a condition! The doctor said so and that's the final argument. You're not like other people, you've got so much sperm in your balls that if you don't masturbate at least twice per day you'll get sick! So we're gonna start doing it right now, right here! Pull that cock out, son, that's it, see? It's not that hard, no reason to feel embarrassed of your mom. I'll help you with that, you've got to get it nice and hard first so I'll show you my Big Mommy Boobies... I know you like Big Boobs and mommy's are just perfect for this job! See? It's already getting harder. You have to start jerking it now, that's right, slow at first then faster and faster. And keep your eyes on these Big Tits, son, we've got to get this over with! Yes, good! Keep doing it faster, and come closer! If you manage to cum I'll let you splash it on my Boobs! How's that for a reward