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116 5.0
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rosaluxemburg - Top reviewer Oct 27 2017
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mesmerizingly erotic

I don't know if I told you this before but I love to lick things... and to use my tongue in many different ways: to suck a cock, in a french kiss or simply to show it off and play with it like I do in this video! I lick a sexy, pink glass dildo (it looks like some abstract tentacle in my opinion). My tong is quite long and very flexible, I can do a lot of nice things with it, actually. I can curl it, sharpen its tip and the pleasant sensation it offers... that it's rather unique, but I'm not the dildo to declare it :)) I think I could write an entire short story about how a tongue becomes independent of its owner and decides to lick all the pink glass dildos and lollipops in the whole wide world! I am quite proud of my tongue, well, to admit it, my tongue does an important part of my work (DeepThroat and BlowJobs are my "niche" as you probably know already). In this video you can observe every bit of my tongue, from different angles, including extreme close-ups, the way I move it, the way I curl it and all of this is for you, my darlings! Keywords: tongue, fetish, tongue-fetish, licking, dildo, glass-dildo, dildo-licking, mouth-fetish, lip-fetish, licking-fetish, long-tongue, oral-fixation, oral-fetish, close-ups, tongue-close-ups