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You’re so unhappy with your stupid, boring, middle class existence, aren’t you? You hate your stupid job, hate your ugly wife, despise the crotch fruit you brought into this world, you regret everything you’ve done with your life. That’s why you have me in hot pursuit. You want me, you want to have wild, passionate sex with me, you want to live inside my world where there’s no responsibilities, no mortgages, no school plays, no PTA, no 9-5 grind, just free wheelin’, devil-may-care fun and adventure 24/7. And that’s why you’re gonna leave it all behind for me. Cash out that 401k and give it all to me. I’ll show you how to really live your life. We’ll spend it all on fabulous vacations and fine dining, imagine a carefree life living on the beach, lazing around all day and fucking in the warm air. Just like in the movies! So give it all up, leave your dumb, boring life behind and give me everything you have. You know I’m worth it